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Wave Mobile FAQs

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How do I access Wave mobile?

You can access Wave mobile using the same URL you use for accessing the desktop version of Wave.

What can I see in Wave mobile? 

Wave mobile is being developed progressively, with new features being released over time. Currently, when you log into Wave mobile, you will see a version of list view that has been created for you by your company's Wave administrator. 

When you open a card that is pending your approval, you will be able to approve or reject the card, as well as add a comment to go with your approval.

As new features that do not require configuration are developed, your company's instance of Wave will be automatically updated.

Is there an app for Wave mobile?

No, but you can save a shortcut to your phone home screen.

Android: Open Wave in Chrome and tap on the Menu button, which may be an app button or a physical button, depending on your phone. Select Add to Home Screen from the dropdown. You will see a new icon on your home screen which you can now tap to open Wave.

iPhone: Open Wave in Safari and tap on the Share button at the bottom of the page. Scroll the icons until you see Add to Home Screen and tap. On the next screen, choose a name for the link and confirm. You will see a new icon on your home screen which you can now tap to open Wave.

Can I access Wave mobile if I'm offline? As with the desktop version of Wave, you will need an internet connection to access Wave.
How do I log into Wave mobile? Log into Wave mobile using your existing Wave credentials. Depending on your company's configuration, you will need to be connected to Wave mobile using the same security methods as you need when accessing Wave on your computer. This may include connection via your company's network/VPN or access to your corporate email to retrieve the one-time link.  
When I access Wave on my mobile device, I see the desktop version of Wave. If you see the desktop version of Wave on your mobile, this means Wave mobile has not yet been activated at your company.
I'm logged into Wave on my mobile device, but Wave continues to load. If Wave is stuck on the loading page, this means you have not been given access to any Wave mobile views. Please contact your Wave administrator.
Which browsers can I use to open Wave mobile? Wave mobile is supported on Google Chrome for Android devices and on Safari for iOS devices. Note that you can only add a shortcut icon to your phone's home screen using Google Chrome when on Android and Safari when on iPhone.


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