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Using Wave Event Log for Faster Troubleshooting

When communicating an error in Wave with Wave Support, sharing a screenshot of the Event Log in the About page can facilitate faster troubleshooting. 

In the example below, the error message at the bottom of the page is highlighted to illustrate how such information will appear.

Don't see the error message? If the error message is difficult to find, you may also type Ctrl+F and do a page search for the word "error." 


Take a Screenshot

There are many ways to take a screenshot of the event log and error message to share with the Wave Support team. For Windows PC users, an easy way to do this is with the Snipping Tool.

Open the tool and click New. After you have selected the About screen view, click on the disk icon to save the image to file. You can then attach this file when you submit your Wave Support form.

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