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Using Wave with Internet Explorer

Some users who are using Internet Explorer may have issues loading Wave. This is likely because the Wave URL is not on your browser's list of Trusted Sites.

This is not a Wave-specific issue, but can be quickly resolved in a few steps, either by speaking to your IT team or reviewing the following instructions. 

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Start by opening the Tools menu in IE 11 and select Internet Options.


2. In the pop-up box, click on the Security tab, then Trusted Sites and Sites


3. If you are already on you company's Wave site, the URL should appear in the Add this website box. Otherwise, enter your company's Wave URL and click Add. Click Close, then OK.



4. Refresh your browser by clicking Ctrl+R or by clicking on the refresh arrow in the address bar



Trusted Sites

Wave's trusted sites are as follows:

  • Wave URL for end users - https://<TenantName>
  • Temporary Wave URL for end users (before final URL is defined) - https://<uuid>
  • Technical URL to Wave tenant - https://<uuid>
  • Auth0 URL for password creation or password reset - https:// wa2-con-<uuid>
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