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Support Form FAQs

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What is the Wave Support Form? The Wave Support Form is an online form designed to capture request types, user-defined priority, and other critical information needed by the Wave support team to quickly process incoming requests. The Wave Support Form is accessible by anyone, anywhere, and from any device.
Which email should I use when filling out the Wave Support Form? Please use the email address that is associated with your Wave account.
Why kind of support requests can be made via this form?
  • Request or update user access
  • Reset your Wave password
  • Report issues related to Wave access
  • Report issues related to Wave functionality
  • Other requests or questions related to Wave
What is a viable workaround? Having a viable workaround means you are able to still do your work in Wave, albeit with some difficulties.
I can't do my job because of the issue I'm having with Wave. What's the best way to communicate this via the form? In addition to describing the issue, you should also indicate that there is no viable workaround and that the request is urgent.
Whose email(s) should I include in the Additional Emails for Notification? If you have a team member or others you would like to have included in the communications related to resolution of your issue, you can include them.
Can I attach supporting files to my request? Yes! Any supporting documentation you can provide is always appreciated. Screenshots and user management templates are typical examples of files that can help us address your request. 
What happens after I submit a support request?

After you submit a support request via the online form, you will receive one of two automated emails. Both will confirm your case has been created and will include a case number for reference:

  1. If your email is already recorded in our system, you will receive an email to confirm the solution (e.g., Wave 1 or Wave 2) for which the case applies.
  2. If your email is not already recorded in our system, you will receive an email acknowledging your request and confirming that a Helpdesk advisor will follow up with next steps.


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