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Navigation and Viewing FAQs

Question Answer
How do I access my dashboard? Click "Dashboard" on the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen. 
Why are my initiatives displaying as gray squares in pivot view? When a large number of cards are displayed in a pivot view, the initiative cards may appear as a gray screen. As filters are added and the data set is segmented, the view will illustrate more meaningful results with clearly visible initiatives. 
What are workbooks? A workbook is a collection of tabs. Tabs are a single data view. Workbooks can be saved and shared for future reference.
What are breadcrumbs and how do they work?

Filter breadcrumbs show the navigation path that the user has selected when using filters. Click on different parts of the breadcrumbs to see or update filters.


How do I move between milestones and initiatives?

There are three ways to navigate between milestones and initiatives:

  1. Click on the parent card link on the left of the current card number
  2. Click on the structure tab for navigation within the initiative structure. From here, you can click on validation activities, milestones or tasks
  3. If you have previously viewed the initiative, you can use the back button on the browser to navigate back (history)
How do I show and hide the tree structure in my Workspace?

Show or hide the tree structure by clicking on the tree icon in the top left tool bar

Tree Icon.gif

How do I return to previous views? You can easily return to a previous view by using the browser Back button or Forward button. You can also use keyboard shortcuts "Alt + ß" or "Alt + à." Note that hitting the back button does not undo any card updates you entered previously.
I need to see more (or fewer) columns. Is there a way to zoom in or out? Yes. You can use your browser settings to zoom in or out

I copied my list view to Excel, but some numbers are not showing up correctly. For example, 7.460 appears as 7.459.999.999.999.990. What's going on?



Check your Excel settings to ensure that the decimal separator and the thousands separator are in sync with Wave. 

In Excel, go to File > Options > Advanced and under Editing Options, uncheck Use system separators. Confirm that the decimal separator is a decimal point and that the thousands separator is a comma, as shown in the magnified image below.


Click OK and try pasting your list view again.

I want to filter my view by selecting specific initiative numbers (or some other attribute), but when I scroll down the list, I can't see all the initiative numbers. What should I do?

The maximum number of displayed results, e.g. initiative numbers, in the filter menu is usually 60 items. Try using the search box above the results to narrow down the list of items shown and pick values to filter one, e.g. "13" for initiatives 113, 131-139, etc., as shown in the example below


When I'm in the impacts tab, I don't see monthly impacts or I only see the first month of impacts.

If you cannot see monthly impacts or can only see the first month of impact, pin any attribute column. This will make the monthly impacts visible.