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Approvals FAQs

Question Answer
How do I check who is approving my initiatives or which approvals are still pending? To see who is approving your initiatives and their approval status, you can either check the activity feed when you select an initiative in your Workspace or go to the Timeline tab and click on the In Progress hyperlink in an open initiative card. 

Can I fast track approvals in Wave? This is often addressed by using a fast track approver group that can help move initiatives quickly through the gating process. Reach out to your program's Wave administrator to see if this approver group already exists or to inquire about setting up a similar group for your program.
Can we set up a backup approver for Finance/Sponsors, or can they delegate if they go on vacation/leave? Typically, sponsors and finance approvers are part of an approver group.  You are not able to set a back-up approver. Instead, it is recommended that there is more than one approver within an approver group to ensure that there is always an available approver. Reach out to your program's Wave administrator to inquire about backup approvers for your program.
What if I don’t receive my approval email? Please check your junk mail folder for the approval email in case your email has been filtered. 
Can I resubmit an initiative that was rejected? If so, how?

Yes, you can resubmit an initiative that was rejected.

Simply update the initiative based on the feedback given when the initiative was rejected and submit again. 

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