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Initiative FAQs

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Can I delete an initiative or milestone?

Initiatives can only be deleted at L0 stage gate.

Milestones, however, can be deleted at any point up to L5 stage gate as long as the initiative is not being submitted for approval. 

I accidentally deleted my initiative. Can it be recovered?

We recommend cancelling initiatives instead of deleting so that the initiative can easily be recovered or referred to in the future, if needed.

In the event that you do accidentally delete an initiative and need to have it recovered, please contact Wave Support

How can I see which fields need to be completed in an initiative before I can submit it to the next stage? When you submit an initiative for approval and there are missing attributes, they will be listed in a red bar at the top of the initiative. Tabs that have a missing attribute will have a red dot next to the tab name and the fields that need to be completed will have a red outline until adequately completed, at which point, the red outline will disappear and you will be able to submit the initiative for approval.
I'm a milestone owner and I cannot see my initiatives. What can I do?

If you cannot see an initiative where you own a milestone, the initiative owner can provide you access.

In the initiative card, the initiative owner can click on the access tab as illustrated below and select the name of the milestone owner (or anyone else) who needs to see the initiative card from the Access to initiative dropdown.

Milestone access crop.png

How are changes to initiatives or milestones saved? Save is automatic in Wave with the exception of the creation of a new Initiative or Milestone card. In order to save a new initiative or milestone, click the Create button. Subsequent updates will be saved in real time. 
I made changes to my initiative that were not saved. What happened?

Auto-save works in Wave as long as there is an internet connection. In the event of internet connectivity issues, however, updates to your initiatives will not save. Wave will alert you when this is the case with a red banner across the top of your workspace and one of two error messages:

  • Initiative could not be saved
  • There was a problem connecting to the internet

Should you encounter one of these errors, check your internet connection or try making your updates at a later time.

How many people can edit an initiative?  Two people have the ability to edit initiatives: the Initiative Editor and Initiative Editor (Back-Up).
I am an initiative owner. How do I find my initiatives?

Click on My Initiatives & Milestones (or similarly named tab) in your Dashboard.

Alternatively, if you are in the Workspace, you can use the Filter feature to Filter by Initiative then select Filter for me only.

I want to find initiatives owned by my team member, but when I do a search by their name, the results are not correct.  Wave's search engine does not index initiative owner names. If you want to see initiatives (or milestones, actions, activities, etc.) attributed to a specific owner, you will need to filter your view by that owner's name.
I am an initiative owner. How do I see the progress of an initiative managed by initiative editors? Initiative owners can filter initiatives by editor. Recommended best practice is to filter initiatives by editor and create a saved workbook for easy reference.
What happens if two people are updating an initiative at the same time? If more than one person is updating an initiative in Wave, the changes made by the last person to update a field will be retained.
Is there a quick way to delete data in text boxes? Yes. Click on the text box and either triple click to select all text or right click in the box and choose "Select all", then press Delete.

I want to create a new milestone, but I get the following error message

"Can't add a new milestone. Please select a parent initiative first."

What can I do to create my new milestone? 

Child objects - milestones, validation activities and tasks - cannot be created without a parent object. Simply add a new parent object by clicking on the + icon on the top left corner of the main workspace or on the top right corner in card view. 
I reassigned an initiative's editor. Why can't I see the initiative in my filters?

There are two possible reasons why you cannot see the initiative.

  1. When you reassigned the initiative to another editor, you lost ownership of the initiative.
  2. If the new editor changed an attribute value to a value that is currently being filtered out, then the card is removed from view  
Can I included links (e.g. to my company's SharePoint) in an initiative's activity feed? Yes. Links can be pasted into the Wave activity feed. To activate the links, however, you will need to cut and paste them into a browser.
Can I delete comments in the activity feed? Yes, you can delete comments you have written by double clicking on the comment field and deleting the text. Note that your comment will still appear in the feed as (deleted). You cannot delete comments from other users. 
I reassigned one of my initiatives to another user, but I can't see it in my filters anymore. Why not? If you reassign an initiative, you lose all editing rights, which is why you are not seeing the initiative. The exception is if you are an initiative owner and you reassign a milestone (or action, etc.) attached to that initiative. 
How do I know when an initiative (or milestone, activity, etc.) was created?  The L0 date actual corresponds with when an initiative (or milestone, activity, etc.) was created. 
How do I turn off notifications related to initiatives? Please reach out to your Wave Super User to have notifications disabled. 
I can't change the date on my initiative. Why is it locked? Date fields in initiatives (or milestones, activities, etc.) will lock as of a certain stage gate during a transformation, e.g. L4. Please reach out to your Wave Super User to understand better how this has been configured for your instance of Wave. 
I am trying to create a new initiative but the orange CREATE button does not appear. Instead, I see a gray button that reads "You don't have permission to create the card." What does this mean? You are receiving this error message because you are attempting to create a card which you will not be able to modify after creation. This is most likely because you have set the initiative owner to someone other than yourself. Reach out to your Wave Super User if you need to create a card that you cannot edit or if you believe you need to change your permissions.
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