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Impact Tracking FAQs


Question Answer
What stage do you need to enter an annualized/Run Rate Target (or 'Planned') impact by? This varies from organization to organization. However, many programs require the entry of Planned or Target impacts in order to submit to the L1 stage. At this stage, only the Run Rate or Annualized impact entry is required.
What stage do I need to enter my Target (or 'Planned') monthly impacts by?   Typically, monthly impacts are required in order to submit to the L3 Implementation stage.
Why can’t I enter actuals into the current time period on the Impact Tracking tab? Wave will not allow you to enter actuals for future time periods. Make sure to scale the impacts by Month so that you can enter actuals for past months or the current month. You can then rescale the impacts to Yearly to see the roll up of monthly impacts on a yearly basis.
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