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Print a View

When sharing data with your colleagues, the best way is to send a link to your workbook, which ensures they have the most up-to-date information and best formatting. Should you need to share information with someone outside of Wave, though, you can do so by printing a screen view.

You can print any screen view either by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P or by right-clicking anywhere on the screen and selecting Print from the menu, as shown below. 


Printing pointers

  • Only what you see on the screen will be printed. If you want to include a whole list of initiatives or other content that might be taking up more than one screen, you will have to either print multiple views or adjust the scale in the printer dialog box before printing.
  • Ensure that Background graphics are enabled in the printer dialog box; otherwise, you will not get the full visual experience in your printed image.


  • Would you rather have an image you can insert into a document or email? Click PrtSc and then paste the image at its destination. You can then crop and resize as necessary.
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