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Using Global Filter

Wave's global filter lets you quickly apply one or more filters holistically across all views in a dashboard or workbook. This can be helpful when viewing an existing dashboard where the feature is activated, refining data views in a workbook, or when creating a new personal dashboard or workbook. The following provides an overview of how to use the feature and some things to keep in mind when doing so.

Why use Global Filter?

A global filter is typically used to refine your data views based on attributes like workstream, dates, region, visibility, and Wave users. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Workstream/Business Unit
  • View only Procurement numbers
  • See both HR and Marketing workstreams
  • Filter out the Training workstream
Time Period
  • View only data from FY2020
  • See data for the current or upcoming quarter
  • Filter out EMEA 
  • Choose to view only data for US Midwest plants
  • Only show non-confidential projects
  • View only SteerCo-restricted initiatives
Individual Users
  • Search for specific initiative or users across a series of views


Filter on a dashboard

To use the global filter on an existing dashboard, it must be already be part of the dashboard configuration; for any questions about applying a global filter to a dashboard, please reach out to your Wave Super User.

If the global filter is applied to your dashboard, use it by clicking on the Dashboard filter link at the top of the page. In the example below, the global filter is set up in a Data hygiene dashboard and you can select as many or as few workstreams as needed, then click on UPDATE FILTER. Our example narrows the view from all workstreams to only Water and Juices. Click on RESET TO DEFAULT to clear out your changes and revert to the original view. 

Framed dashboard filter.gif


Filter across workbook tabs

When refining data views in a workbook, quickly filter all tabs by choosing Apply filter to all tabs under the filter menu, which in the example below is showing Accountable Workstream. This global filter will also apply to any new tabs you add to your workbook. In the example below, the global filter is used to only show the Water and Juices workstreams across all the tabs.

Global filter workbook.png


Create a dashboard with global filters

If you are a Wave Super User responsible for managing dashboards and templates for all Wave users, you can add global filters to dashboards for your end users. When creating or updating a dashboard, apply the global filter to the tabs in your workbook, then upload using the Configuration Designer tool. 


Take note

  • When opening a dashboard in the Workbook, any active global filters on the dashboard will be loaded and applied
  • Individual user preferences are preserved on dashboard global filters 
  • Some views already have global filters applied so beware of overriding these by accident; for example, your Bankable Plan dashboard views may already exclude on hold and canceled initiatives
  • Users cannot apply new global filters to pre-built dashboards; Wave Super Users may only do so by using the Configuration Designer
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