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Card Activity

Activity Search

The activity in an initiative card may include numerous entries over time and it may become difficult to quickly identify which changes were made by whom and when. You can easily search card activity using Ctrl+F and entering a key search term, such as "initiative owner," as used in the example below. All results will be highlighted, helping you more quickly identify who made changes and when.

Ctrl F.gif


Activity Timestamp

Hover over the activity time to see the timestamp for exactly when that activity occurred. This can be done in both the Activity panel and the Activity tab.

Activity date hover.gif


Change Details

If a change has been made to your initiative (or milestone, action, or activity), you can view the previous value (if any) compared with the new value by clicking on the blue text in the activity listing. In the example below, the Baseline value had not previously been completed, but was updated to 1.00. 

Activity log link.gif


Activity Icons

Know at a glance the nature of the activity for an initiative based on the icons.

Automatic_update.png = Stage change

Updated.png= Updated attribute

Approved.png= Approved

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