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Wave Dashboard Communications

You can use Wave to share regular communications with your team via the communications box on the Overview dashboard, as shown in the example below. Typically, the Wave Super User or central transformation team will be responsible for posting communications this way. Anyone with permissions can post a communication.


Ideally, communications should be posted weekly during the first month of go-live, before each stage gate deadline, and as needed based on your transformation needs. Some example communications, with titles in bold, include:

  • Wave is live. Please have your updates posted by noon EST when we take the data snapshot
  • The L1 deadline is this Friday, August 15. Find the L1 checklist here <link to company L1 checklist> and more information on how to add impacts here <link to WSC article>
  • What's new in Wave this month? Check out the editable list view <link to WSC article>

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Start by clicking on the Add icon SimplifiedNav-WorkspaceNav_add.png in the upper left corner of your workspace, then select Add new document. If you do not see the Add new document option, please reach out to your Wave representative to change your permissions.



2. In the popup box, assign the communication a name. This will be the first thing people see, so keep this short and to the point; further details can be included in the description.

Set the Type to Communications. Assign an editor and set the communication release date and (optional) expiration date. You can time your communications using these fields. For example, set up a training announcement that expires the day after the registrations are due.

Click CREATE when you have completed all the fields.



3. If you want to include an attachment with your communication, you can do that now. Select the number of documents and then click in the attachment field for each document to upload. Your changes will save automatically.



4. Your communication will now be visible on the dashboard. Users can double click on the name and will be taken directly to the communication card, where they can read the description and download any attachments. Released communications will appear in order of expiration date, with the communication expiring soonest on the top. 


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