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Technical Prerequisites for IT Department

Please review the below prerequisites and settings at each stage to ensure your organization is able to fully access Wave.

Setting up secure access

Allowing IP's 

  • Wave allows IP's to secure access to your data. For security purposes, Wave can only be accessed from your company's office locations or VPN.
  • Traffic to Wave must be routed through one or several static IPs owned by your organization.
  • Wave's IP address cannot be provided as it is subject to change.
  • Traffic coming through a general internet service provider (ISP) cannot be authorized because IPs are shared with other organizations.
  • If your organization uses split tunneling, you will need to route traffic to the Wave website through on or several static IPs owned by your organization.

Use of Cloud Proxy

  • IP authorization is not available for traffic coming through a general internet service provider or Cloud proxy services because IPs are shared with other organizations. In these instances, Wave uses multifactor authentication alternatives; please contact your Wave representative to learn more.

Ensuring appropriate internet setup

Internet Ports

  • Wave's website runs over https and there requires the port 443 to be open.

WebSocket Protocol

  • Wave uses WebSocket technology.

  • Ensure Websocket connections are authorized over https, including at proxy level.

  • WebSocket support can be tested at

Spam Filter

  • Authorize the following domain sender to ensure users receive important messages from Wave: *

Computer requirement

TLS Version

  • Windows and MacOS X versions must be actively supported by the Operating System vendor. Operating System must support TLS 1.2 and newer.

    • Windows: Windows 7 or newer

    • MacOS X: Current release and one previous release

Optimizing end-use experience

Internet Browsers

  • Wave is optimized for Google Chrome and supports Chromium-based Edge. The supported versions are the current Chrome release (called stable channel) and the last two releases. Enabling browser auto-updates will ensure users have the latest browser and security patches installed. 

  • Internet Explorer 11 will be supported until the end of March 2022, but users may experience less optimal performance due to IE11 technical limitations. Firefox and Safari are not supported in Wave.

MS Excel

  • If using MS Office 2016, ensure that all macros are enabled so as to be able to run Excel reports downloaded from Wave.

  • MS Excel 2010 and above will ensure the best experience when working with Excel reports downloaded from Wave.


  • Recommended network bandwidth is 200-500KB/s download speed per concurrent user.

  • Recommended internet connection is 2 MB/s.


  • Recommended PC characteristics are Intel i5/i7 CPU, GPU Support, minimum 4GB RAM, 1024x768 resolution or higher, Disk space: 100 MB.


If you encounter any Wave technical issues, please submit a Wave Support form.

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