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Manage User Subscriptions

Users included in your subscription can be managed directly in the User Management Console, depending on your current Wave user management setup. Contact your account manager for more information.

The Subscription page will give you a better understanding your current user base by clearly displaying 

  • The current number of users (not including blocked users)
  • The maximum number of users at any point within the current month 
    • For example: you had 289 users the beginning of the month, that number increased to 290 mid-month, and you are now at the end of the month with 285 users. The maximum is for the month is 290.
  • The number of users covered in your contract subscription
  • The Log of user updates which tracks changes performed by users on the user base

In the User overview section, you can always click on the information icon Info.png next to each number for more details about the number you are viewing and how that applies to your specific subscription.

UM Subscription page info.png


Easily access your subscription details by either clicking on Subscription from the Dashboard view or Tell me more in the top bar of the Users view of the console.

UM Access Subscription dashboard.png



Should the action of adding or unblocking users take you over the number of users included in your subscription, a message similar to the one shown below will appear and you will have to check I accept potential additional fees in order to complete your action. Record of this action will also appear in the Log of user updates on the Subscription page.


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