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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Helpdesk Community Portal

The Helpdesk Community Portal is where you can create and view support cases, as well as keep track of status. The following guide provides an overview and guidance on what you can expect. 



You will need to log into the Community Portal to create and view cases. The first time you log in, you will have to create a password. 

We recommend bookmarking the link to the Community Portal in your browser.


Create a Case

Once logged into the Community Portal, click  Create new > Case, as illustrated below. If you are reporting a bug or issue, select Create - Internal Incident. If you are requesting a new account, IP whitelisting or similar, select Create - Internal Service Request



Case Form

For any new case, you will have to complete a form requesting information about the incident or request, shown in part below. Please note that all fields marked with red are required and that will you prompted to choose the version of Wave you are using. Try to be as descriptive as possible in the Subject and Description, as this information is included in communications related to your case. 

Once you have completed the form to the best of your ability and click Submit (or Submit & Add Attachment if including supporting documentation). Upon successful submission of your case, you will receive an email confirmation that your case has been logged. 

Community Portal case form.png

Note: Case priority is assigned based on information you provide in the case form. Priorities range as follows:

  • P4 - Noncritical function or planned activity
  • P3 - Minor problems that have little or no operational impact on users
  • P2 - Problem or error that has significant impact on most users or a workaround exists
  • P1 - Problem or error that seriously interrupts or completely prevents most if not all users from performing regular business operations with no workaround


Attach a File to Case

Attaching a screenshot or other supporting documentation can help reduce the time it takes for your case to be resolved. You can attach a file to a case one of three different ways:

  1. Click the Submit & Add Attachment button when creating a case
  2. Open an existing case, hover over the Attachments related object, and select Attach File
  3. Open an existing case and scroll down to the Attachments section and choose Attach File

In all three cases, follow the prompts to complete your attachment submission. 

Any attachments added will be listed in the Attachments section of the existing case, as shown below, along with Last Modified date and name of person who created the attachment.



View Your Cases

You can track the progress of your cases from your Community Portal home page, the Cases tab, or by searching for a specific case. 

Home Page

When you first log into the Community Portal, you will see a pie chart of your open cases colored by priority. You can click on a section of the chart to open a list view of cases with that priority.


Cases Tab

You can view  cases by clicking on the Cases tab. By default, you will see all Recent Cases. There are a number of pre-defined list views you can select from the dropdown.

New list views can easily be created by clicking on Create New > View or clicking on Create New View and following the prompts. Any views created by you will only be visible to you.



If you are looking for a specific case, you can use the search box to search by the case number or key words.



Check on Case Status

You can check on your case status by clicking on the Cases tab, where you will see the status of each case listed. If you want more information about a case, click on the case number to open the case detail. 



Communicating with Helpdesk

Once a case is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with the case number, priority, and the subject and description you provided when you filled out the new case form, as shown in the example below.


You should also receive an email or emails from the Helpdesk Advisor assigned to your case requesting additional information, seeking approval, or simply following up. These subsequent messages will also include a Reference ID. Direct responses to these emails, including attachments, will be logged in Salesforce. Please be sure to only refer to the case associated with the Reference ID in these messages.

You can also communicate with Helpdesk via the Community Portal. Simply open up the case and select the Case Comments tab. Click on the Add Comment button and submit your message. This action will be trigger an email which will be sent to the Helpdesk Advisor assigned to your case and their response to you will be via email. Comments submitted in this way will be recorded in this space.