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Visualize Impact Time Series Measures

Using stacked charts, you can visualize impact time series measures by month, quarter, or year by grouping your data by period. Only time series, or calendarized, data can be displayed using group by period; should you select a measure that does not have time series data, such as run rate, you will not have the option to group by period. Read more about calendarized data and run rates here

Please note that because this is a configurable feature, some of the terminology used here may vary slightly from what you see in your instance of Wave. 

Step-by-step instructions

1. Start by navigating to Stacked chart view and confirm that Display a bar is enabled. Ensure that the selected bar value is a calendarized value, such as net recurring benefits

Net recurring benefits.gif


2. Color and filter your data, which has already been done in the example below, then click on Group by period and enable grouping.

Group by period.gif


3. Select a time period to view by clicking on a radio button, selecting from the dropdown list or by setting a manual time period. Note that data is displayed only at full intervals of the time group selection, e.g. year, quarter or month.

Group by period data selection.gif

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