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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

View Historical Snapshot Data

Stacked chart view can be used to view data grouped by history, or data snapshots. A data snapshot in Wave is generally taken at weekly intervals.

Viewing multiple data snapshots at the same time is useful to identify historical trends and compare how aspects of a transformation are proceeding compared to previous time periods. In other words, snapshots can help you answer an important question: How are we doing this week (or month, quarter, etc.) compared to previous weeks (or months, quarters, etc.)?

Please note that your company's configuration of Wave may vary from the example illustrated below. 

Step-by-step Instructions

1. You can filter, sort and color your data before or after clicking into stacked chart view. In the example below, the data is filtered and colored while in list view and we are looking at the volume of initiatives moving across stage gates for specific workstreams in recent weeks. When stacked chart view is selected, you will see a single bar.

HIstorical Snapshot 1.gif


2. Next, click on the group icon, select Group by history, and enable grouping

HIstorical Snapshot 2.gif


3. Finally, select a time period of snapshots to view. You can choose between manual selection or preset ranges of your snapshots.

HIstorical Snapshot 3.1.gif

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