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Notes View

Include text, such as an agenda or notes from a meeting, or images in the Notes view using Wave content formatting options.

Notes view.png

If you are not already in notes view, start by selecting Notes.

Select Notes view.png


Navigating Notes

Notes can be used any way you need to record text in Wave, such as a meeting agenda or description of a shared or template workbook, and supports simple formatting.  

As with any new tab, notes will need to be saved. You will know your note needs to be saved as indicated by the orange dot next to the tab name as illustrated below. The dot will disappear once the note is saved. If you try to navigate away from a note before you have saved it, you will receive a warning that your content will not be saved if you continue.

Save notes.gif


Sharing Notes

You can also share your note by clicking on the share icon Send_link_icon.png. A pop up box will appear asking you to select the tabs you wish to share, including the note tab. This is done because notes tabs do not have visibility restrictions like other Wave data - all users with access to the link will see notes content even though their view of Wave data in the other tabs may be restricted.

Select notes.gif

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