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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Gantt Chart View

Gantt charts are a great way for initiative owners and workstream leads to view multiple initiatives with long timelines, helping you to prioritize and monitor progress. Please note that your Wave instance may need to be configured to enable Gantt charts; please contact your Wave representative for details. 

If you are not already in Gantt chart view, start by selecting Switch to gantt chart from the visualization icon in the upper left corner. As with other views you, can sort, filter, group, and color to further customize your Gantt chart.

Navigating the Gantt Chart View

Hovering over Initiatives

Gantt charts in Wave display an initiative's stage gates and dates by simply by hovering your mouse over initiative bars in the chart. As with other views in Wave, clicking once on an initiative will open the Info Panel to reveal details and activity information. 

Please note that each stage gate may appear slightly different than in the example below based on your company’s configuration of Wave.


Hovering over Markers

Hover over the white circles and flags to see the stage and date.


View Controls

Sometimes you need to see initiative information at a more granular lever in Gantt chart view. Wave controls allow you to select date ranges and zoom in and out on the details.

Select the time period you wish to view from the drop down Period menu, or indicate a specific range using the From and To dates. When From and To are blank, the default start and end dates will be shown. Please note that the available time periods and default date range view may vary depending on your company's configuration of Wave. 

Use the and buttons to zoom in or out of your view. 




Visualize dependencies in a Gantt chart by following the dashed lines and arrows. If a required date is missing from an initiative, the link will not appear. Please note that your instance of Wave may not have dependencies enabled. Reach out to your Wave Super User for more details.

In the example below, the arrow points from initiative #7 to its follower, initiative #9.

Gantt Dependencies 1.gif


In the event of a broken dependency (e.g., the predecessor has not finished before the follower's start date), a squiggly line appears directly beneath the predecessor. In the example below, initiative #42 has an end date that is after the start date for its dependent, initiative #43.

Gantt Dependencies Squiggle.gif