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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Pivot View

Pivot view in Wave is an easy way to see the status of your own initiatives and milestones, as well as information from across your entire team or organization. With squares, or cards, representing each initiative or milestone (or action, activity, etc.) you can see at a glance key information, such as how many initiatives need leadership attention or which milestones are overdue.


If you are not already in pivot view, select Switch to pivot view from the dropdown list of visualization types.


Navigating Pivot View

 As with Gantt chartlist and stacked chart views, pivot view data can be grouped, colored, and filtered. In the example below, initiatives are colored by stage and grouped by workstream, then further filtered down to show only three workstreams.

Pivot view 1.gif


To drill down into initiative details, click on the blue space in a column and double click on the initiative card at any point to open it to see the full details.

Pivot view 2.gif

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