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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

List View

The list view is a great way to see a customizable spreadsheet-style representation of your initiative and milestone data in Wave and more details that you would see in other views. 


If you are not already in list view, start by selecting Switch to list view from the visualization icon in the upper left corner. 


Navigating List View

In list view, you can move around the columns, show or hide columns, and adjust the width of columns to suit your needs. As with other views you, can sort, filter, group, and color to further customize your list view. 

Column Order

Start by clicking on the Configuration (or column picker) icon Column_picker.pngin the upper right corner. Drag and drop column titles in the drop-down box to change the column order. Click RESET to return to default settings.

List View column order.gif


Show/Hide Columns

Check or uncheck the boxes next to column titles to show/hide columns.  Click RESET to return to default settings

List view delete column.gif


Adjust column width

Hover over the borders between column titles, right-click your mouse, and drag to change column width.

List view width.gif


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