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Shared Documents

The ability to upload and download documents in Wave provides a way to share valuable resources with your team in a secure centralized place. 

Who can Share
While all users can upload documents, this is usually done by your Wave Super User. 

When to Share
Because documents saved in Wave tend to be user resources, the ideal time to upload documents is before trainings so they are ready as users are being onboarded. Documents, however, can be added at any time by any user.

What to Share
Documents saved in Wave usually include user manuals, custom videos and other client documentation related to your program, such as valuation principles, lists of metrics, financial guidance, etc. File types that are supported include PDF, mp4, ppt, xls, doc, xlsx and docx. Note that all documents will be visible to all of your company's Wave users; please take this into consideration when sharing sensitive or confidential documentation.


Step-by-step Instructions

Document sharing is a simple process, though please note that specific field names and categories may vary based on your company's Wave configuration. Adding a new document is very similar to creating and saving a new initiative

1. In the Dashboard view, click on the + icon in the upper left corner and select Add new document from the drop down. A pop up box will open.

Add new document.png


2. In the pop up box, enter the document name and assign an editor. Document Types will vary based on your company's configuration of Wave, but in this example, we will be adding a Reference document. Then, click the Create button; you will see a green confirmation bar when you have successfully created your document card. Please note that the document type will determine where in Wave your document can be accessed later (e.g. a Help & guides document will appear on the Help & guides dashboard).

New document card.gif


3. Complete any of the additional fields, such as Description and Dates. To attach a document to the card, you will need to select the number of attachments.

Upload the documents by clicking on each attachment box and selecting the file you want to share. Once files are uploaded, your shared documents are saved and you can close the card. 

Add document.gif


Download, replace or delete

To download, replace or delete a shared document, open the document card. 

Once your card is open, click on the attachments box at the bottom of the card. Choose the action you wish to take: download, replace or delete. Actions take effect immediately, so simply close your card when you are done making updates. 

Download document.png