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Workbook Tabs

Create multiple tabs and save them together as workbooks to help manage your personal workflow, share information for a meeting or build a shareable template for other users on your team using tabs in workbooks. Tabs in Wave workbooks function much like those in spreadsheets: you add, rename, duplicate, reorder, or delete tabs, as well as apply a global filter across tabs in a workbook.

Add a tab

In your Wave workspace, click on + ADD at the bottom of the page. This will open a new tab, similar to what you might see in a spreadsheet. The view on the new tab will default to all data with no filters, grouping, or colors applied. Please note that if you have applied a filter to all tabs, subsequent new tabs will also have that filter applied.

Add tab.gif


Rename a tab

There are two ways to rename a tab in Wave. You can right click on the tab you want to rename and select Rename Tab from the menu. A pop-up box will open with a prompt to name the workbook. Type in the name, then click Rename.

You can also double click on the tab and the pop-up box will open directly. Type in the name, then click Rename.

New rename tab.gif


Duplicate a tab

Right click on the tab you want to duplicate and select Duplicate Tab from the menu. Your new tab will appear with same name as the original tab followed by (copy). Read above for how to rename the tab.

Duplicate a tab.gif


Reorder tabs

There are two ways to reorder tabs in Wave. This is particularly helpful when you are creating a workbook to use as your custom dashboard and wish to have your views in a specific order.

Drag and drop tab

Select the tab you want to move by left clicking and holding. Drag the selected tab left or right to the desired location and release. Repeat this action until tabs are in the desired order.


Right click tab

Move tabs right or left by right clicking the tab you want to move. Select < Move left or > Move right. Repeat this action until tabs are in the desired order.


Delete tabs

There are two ways to delete tabs in Wave: delete your current tab or delete all tabs except for your current tab. 

Delete tab

Right click the tab you want to delete. Select Delete Tab and then DELETE in the popup box. 

Delete tab.gif


Delete other tabs

Right click the tab you wish to keep. Select Delete other tabs from the menu and then DELETE in the popup box. This option is useful if a colleague shares a workbook with you and you only want to save one view. 

Delete other tabs.gif

Filter across tabs

Quickly filter all tabs in your current workbook by choosing Apply filter to all tabs under the filter menu, which in the example below is showing Accountable Workstream.This global filter will also apply to any new tabs you add to your workbook.

Global filter workbook.png


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