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Share Workbooks

Wave makes it easy to share findings with colleagues or circulate important program information in advance of a meeting. With the Wave sharing feature, you can copy a shareable link for your workbook (the current tab and all others that are open) and paste the URL into a browser, email, etc.

Please be aware that recipients of your link can only see the cards they have permission to view.

Select tabs to copy

In the upper left corner of your workspace, click on the share icon Send_link_icon.png. A pop up will open and you will be able to choose the tab(s) you wish to share. By default, all tabs except for any notes views will be selected. Confirm the tabs to share, then click on the orange Share button. You will see a green banner confirming that the URL has been saved to your clipboard.

 Share Workbook Copy2.gif



To paste the link into a browser or an email, simply right click the mouse and select "Paste" or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V.  

Share Workbook Paste2.gif


If you receive a URL from a colleague, you can filter, sort and group as you would any workbook, as well as save the changes you make. 

Note: URLs should not be copied manually from the browser's address bar; the view will not display properly.
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