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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Search Features

Wave provides two useful ways to search data: Find and Search as a Filter.

Please note that Wave's search engine does not index initiative owner names. If you want to see initiatives (or milestones, actions, activities, etc.) attributed to a specific owner, you will need to filter your view by that owner's name.


You know what you are looking for and want to access the top search results based on scoring. This is best done by clicking on the find icon SimplifiedNav-Icon_search.png in the upper right corner of your Dashboard or Workspace.


When you type in your search term(s), results will show in order of top score. Click on an initiative (or milestone, activity, etc.) to go directly to that view. 


Should you wish to explore your results, you can click See more results or refine search at the bottom of the pop up. Results will be shown in list view, which may be saved or further analyzed.

Tip: Find can be used at any time while using Wave. Click Ctrl+Shift+F and the search window will open.

Search as a Filter

You want to further refine a workbook view and additionally filter with a keyword or phrase. This is done with by clicking on the search as a filter icon SimplifiedNav-Icon_searchasfilter.png, just under the three-dot kabab icon in the upper right corner of your workspace. 



Enter your search term(s) and further refine the search by category. In the example below, a search for initiatives with "inventory" can be refined to show only results where "inventory" is part of an initiative description and assumption by clicking on Search by initiative > Description of initiative and assumption used. 

Note that search as a filter can be used in any view, not just pivot view as in the example above, and results can be subsequently filtered, grouped or colored. As with other filters, focused search results can be saved for easy access at a later date or sharing across the team. As results change over time, your saved workbook will also update.

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