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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Find Initiatives and Milestones

Wave provides you with the tools to quickly and easily find initiatives or milestones. Read on to learn more about your options. Keep in mind that your Wave configuration may use a slightly different terminology, e.g. actions, ideas, etc. instead of initiatives or milestones. 

My Initiatives & Milestones Tab

From your dashboard, click on the My Initiatives & Milestones tab.


There you will see several views for your initiatives and milestones. Please note that these views are configured to your user account; contact your Wave administrator if you have questions. 

Common examples of view categories, some of which are visible in the screen shot below, are: 

  • Overview of my active initiatives (pivot view)
  • My initiatives with actions not updated in last 7 days
  • My active initiatives by Planning summary
  • My active milestones by end date
  • My active milestones by Planning summary



If you do not see your initiative or milestone, or you just want to go directly to specific content, you can click on the Search Icon, found in the upper right corner of your screen and enter the ID number or keywords. When entering a keyword search, make sure to enter three or more characters to see results.


Wave will display search results in order of relevance. Hit Enter to go directly to the first search result. If you wish to review your results in more detail, simply click on See More Results or Refine Search. This will take you to a List view of the results.

Tip: You can activate the search at any time by pressing  CTRL+SHIFT+F 


Filter for your own initiatives

Another way to find your initiatives (or milestones) while in the Workspace is by using the filter feature. Click on the filter icon, then select Filter by initiative, followed by Initiative owner. You can then click on Filter for me only to display all of your initiatives.

If you are looking for milestones, the same process would apply, only you would select Filter by milestones, followed by Milestone Owner.

Filter by me.gif


Note: If you try these options and are unable to find an initiative in Wave, it may be due to your visibility settings. Reach out to your Wave administrator if you have questions regarding your access
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