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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Info Panel

The info panel in the Workspace will allow you to see details and activity related to your initiatives. Click the info icon Info_icon.png in the top right corner to view the panel. Please note that this is only an available option if a card is selected in your data view.


The Details sub-panel provides an overview of the selected initiative's attribute fields. You can edit many of these fields for a particular card directly from the details panel, such as updating the stage gate as shown in the example. You can also open the card to view the full details by clicking on the See Full Details button in the bottom corner.

Info Card Detail.gif


The Activity sub-panel allows users to view all of the changes (activity or comments) that have been made to the card since it was created. At the top of the panel, there is a dropdown to choose if you want to Show everything, Show only activity, or Show only comments. Add new comments directly via the comments box in this panel at the bottom.

Info panel Activity.gif


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