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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Dashboard Navigation

The dashboard area is where you can find pre-built visualizations and easily access different dashboard tabs, data views, and workbooks relevant to your role in the program. You can also create a personal dashboard with all the data you wish to see upon login. The following is an overview of how you can make the most out of your Dashboard experience: tabs, legends, accessing workbooks, search, using global filter and drilling into details.

Dashboard Tabs

Across the top of your dashboard, you will have a series of tabs configured based on your role in your program, including details on program-specific areas such as your initiatives, approvals needed and Help & guides.




To assist with reading pivot views and other charts on your dashboard, you can click on the information icon clipboard_e143828a00f82f68854f9376bc5f3bf38.png in the upper right of the section to show legend.



Workbook Access

Access workbooks directly by clicking on the title links.



Alternatively, workbooks that may not be on your dashboard can be opened by clicking on the folder icon in the upper left corner and selecting the workbook you want to open.




Search your initiatives (or milestones, activities, or actions) by clicking on the search icon in the upper right corner and entering your search terms.


Global Filter

You can apply a global filter to all of the views for select dashboard tabs by clicking on the Dashboard filter link at the top of the page. In the example below, the filter is set up for workstreams, and you can select as many or as few workstreams as needed. Click on RESET TO DEFAULT to clear out your changes and revert to the original view. Any changes that you make will remain visible to you until you change them.

Framed dashboard filter.gif

Drill into details

If you want to see more details about a segment of data in a dashboard view, you can do so by right clicking on that segment and selecting an option. In the example below, we can see more details about the 25 initiatives that have no impacts recorded.

drill down dashboard.gif