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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Understanding Calculated Metrics for Integration

Wave uses calculations based on key inputs to generate a variety of useful metrics that will provide a holistic view of the timing and performance of predecessors and followers, as well as how they can affect a certain initiative.

Calculated fields are indicated with a calculator icon calcuated_attribute.png and cannot be edited directly.



Calculated Attributes Overview

Please note that calculated attributes are a configurable feature and what you see in your company's instance of Wave may vary from the examples below in name and/or calculation metric.

  • Number of predecessors = Includes predecessors of the initiative, as well as the predecessors associated with the initiative's predecessors
  • Number of followers = Includes followers of the initiative, as well as the followers associated with the initiative's followers
  • Predecessor gap = Number of days between closest end date of any of any predecessor to the initiative start date; a positive number means you have a buffer, while a negative means that a predecessor(s) end date overlaps the initiative start date
  • Follower gap = Number of days between the initiative end date to the start any of any follower; a positive number means you have a buffer, while a negative means that a follower(s) start date overlaps with the initiative end date
  • Predecessor risk = This calculation will vary by configuration, but generally indicates if any predecessors are at risk to your initiative in terms of start date or performance. For example, if a predecessor is late and needs leadership attention, you have high risk
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