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Merger Management FAQs

Question Answer
How are dependencies managed? Teams create tasks, assign those tasks to other departments, and report on progress through an inbox and outbox on dashboards. 
Does Wave have a critical path fuctionality? Yes. Some companies choose to configure Wave with a "Critical for Day 1" attribute that designates activities in the critical path.
I need to see both Integration Planning and Value Capture data. How can I do that? 

Depending on your visibility permissions, you will see either Integration Planning or Value Capture (VC) data. Some users may see both.

If you do not see both in your Workspace and believe you should, please contact your Wave Super User.

Do I have to create my own reports, or are there templates available? While it is easy to create new reports, Wave also has a library of off-the-shelf templates. Please note that each company will have specific reporting needs that may or may not be met with these templates.