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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Familiarize yourself with Wave Success Center's resources

The Wave Success Center is designed to provide users with relevant, helpful content at every stage of your merger. Whether you are just getting started and need to learn the basics or you are a seasoned veteran already completing your first initiatives, we have something for you. Check out the video above and some of our suggestions below!


Are you new to Wave?

If your company is preparing to launch Wave, the Wave Success Center is here to help you and your team learn the essentials_Goal 1.pngThe Getting Started guide has everything you need to know about logging in, basic navigation, and help resources for when you get stuck

metrics.pngSupplement team trainings with WSC articles on topics like integration planning and value capture and how to create integration activities, then have your team test their new skills in Wave

compass.pngEncourage your team to bookmark useful reference pages, like Additional Help Resources and FAQs


Have you been using Wave on a regular basis?

You may have used Wave Success Center to get help with your password, answer your login FAQs, and learn the basics of navigation and creating initiatives. So what more can Wave Success Center do for you and your team? The answer is plenty

queue.pngOrganize your workflow with predecessor and follower initiatives

Assign.pngCreate cross assignments to delegate merger activities across team members and working groups  

Dashboard 3.pngMonitor the progress of your merger using the Integration Initiatives dashboard


Don't forget to bookmark Additional Help Resources and FAQs!



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