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Create Time Dependencies

Actions are often dependent on other activities in a merger. You can create time dependencies to reflect this reality during Initiative Planning by linking dependent action cards to initiatives as predecessors (for actions that come before) or followers (for actions that come after).

Please note that this feature is configurable and the examples below may not exactly reflect your company's instance of Wave.

Step-by-step instructions

1. Open the initiative card that will have dependencies. Select Predecessors (or Followers) and click on + ADD PREDECESSOR (or + ADD FOLLOWER).

MM Add Dependency.gif


2. In the pop-up search bar, enter the number of the initiative (or action, milestone, activity, etc.) or keyword associated with the initiative (or action, milestone, activity, etc.) you want to add as a predecessor (or follower). Select the initiative and it will be added as a predecessor (or follower).

MM Add Predecessor.gif


3. Need to remove a relationship with predecessor (or follower)? Simply right-click on the item you want to remove and select Remove predecessor (or Remove follower). Please note that this will not delete the initiative, only the connection with that initiative. 

MM Delete Predecessor.gif