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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

View Cross Assignments

Once you have assigned or received cross assignments, you can access an overview in the Wave dashboard to monitor progress and click into details.

There are two kinds of cross assignments:

1. Incoming - an action item that you (or your working group) have received from another individual or team

For example, IT receives a request from Sales to update the website with the new company logo

2. Outgoing - an action item that you (or your working group) have assigned to another individual or team

For example, Sales originates a request for IT to update the website with the new company logo

Cross Assignment Dashboard

Below is an example of a cross assignment dashboard with incoming cross assignments on the left and outgoing on the right; please note that your configuration may look slightly different.



Viewing Cross Assignments

Cards are typically color coded based on cross assignment status so that you may see at a glance those which need attention. You can drill into the details straight from the dashboard.

  • Click on the view title to access the full workspace view of all the columns in the view
  • Click on the blue bar of the column to see only the cards in that category

MM Cross Assignment Dashboard.gif

Read on to learn more about cross assignment status
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