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Cross Assignment Status

When working with cross assignments, it is important to distinguish between Status and Cross assignment status.

Status refers to where the initiative, activity, etc. is on its timeline - Not Started, Started, Completed, or Cancelled.

Cross assignment status is related to acceptance or agreement (or not) of an assigned action by both parties. 


Cross assignment status categories

  • Requested = card has been assigned and is awaiting acceptance (this is selected by default)
  • Acknowledged = assignee acknowledges receipt of card
  • Accepted = assignee accepts responsibility for card
  • Escalated = assignee has questions or concerns and has escalated the assignment for discussion or other action
  • Cancelled = assignment of card has been cancelled

Changing cross assignment status

Cross assignment status can and should be changed throughout the merger process to reflect responsibility for the action card. Remember that cross assignments must be agreed upon by two parties, usually during the dependency summit or further conversations.

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