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Create Cross Assignments

Once you have created initiatives for your merger, you can assign associated activities (or actions, tasks, milestones, etc.) using cross assignments or dependencies. Assignees can then indicate acceptance or another cross assignment status allowing you to keep track of assignments.

Cross Assignment Best Practices

Before going through the process of assigning or accepting action items, please keep the following in mind:

  • Once you assign an activity or action you own, you will not longer be the owner but the requestor
  • While you do not need to know who will become the owner, you must know the working group
  • Ultimately, cross assignments must be agreed upon by two parties. This is most often achieved during the dependency summit or further conversations

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Open an Integration initiative card and select Activities from the menu on the left. Click on + ADD INTEGRATION ACTIVITY. This will open a popup where you can begin to create your new activity. 

MM Integration activity 1.gif


2. Create a title for your activity and complete the rest of the required fields, such as Time frame, Start date and End date, then click the orange Create button at the bottom of the card. A green bar will appear at the top of the card confirming that the new integration activity has been successfully created.

MM Integration activity 2.gif


3. Once the activity card has been created, a new dropdown will appear, Cross assignment. Select Yes, then complete the Requestor, Cross-assignee and Cross assignment data fields based on dropdown options. Your changes will save automatically. Note that cross assignment status will be Requested by default and that the Activity owner will become the Requestor.

MM Integration activity cross assignment.gif


4. Change your mind about cross-assigning a card? You can change the card from a cross assignment by selecting No under Cross assignment. Note that the Requestor, Cross-assignee and Cross assignment data fields will disappear from the card.

MM No cross assignment.gif