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Granularity in Integration Planning

Merger master plans consist of different levels of action granularity: key milestones, workstream milestones, detailed team tasks, etc. Wave is structured to manage not only the primary activities of your merger during master planning, but also more detailed planning and granular task management through sub-activities.

Be sure to review how to create and add activities first, as an activity card must be created in order to add sub-activities. Sub-activities are easily added and managed for intregration initiatives following these steps. Please note that your company's configuration of Wave may use different terminologies than in the example.

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Open the Integration initiative card, then click on the Activities tab. Select the activity for which you would like to add sub-activities. Click on the Sub-activities tab and + ADD INTEGRATION SUB-ACTIVITY.

MM Add Subactivity.gif


2. Type in an Integration sub-activity name, then assign the Sub-activity owner and complete any other required fields. You may also provide descriptions or start and end dates. Click on the orange CREATE button and a green bar will appear on the top of the card confirming your sub-activity was successfully created. 

MM Integration subactivity 2.gif


3. To view and edit sub-activities, open the integration initiative card and click on the Sub-activities tab. You can right click on the sub-activity and choose to See full detailsSee full details in a new tab, or Delete the sub-activity.


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