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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Integration Activities

Wave uses activity cards to organize and track merger workflows both during Integration Planning and Value Capture (VC) stages. These cards are used to connect activities, assign actions, and manage detailed sub-activities.

If you have not yet, be sure to read about creating initiatives in Wave first. Please note that your company's configuration of Wave may very slightly from these examples.

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Open the integration initiative card to which you will be associating activities and select the Activities tab. Click on + ADD INTEGRATION ACTIVITY.

MM integration activity 1.2.gif


2. Type in an Integration activity name and complete any mandatory fields, which in this case are Activity owner and Time frame. Click on the orange CREATE button and a green bar will appear on the top of the card confirming your activity was successfully created. 

MM Intergation Activity 2.2.gif


Read on to learn more about adding sub-activities.

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