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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Wave for Merger Management

Wave helps address typical merger management challenges by using a tailored approach to achieve maximum potential value. Wave merger management configurations equip you for two key aspects of a merger: Integration Planning and Value Capture. Please note that each company's configuration is unique and may not include all the features mentioned here.

Integration Planning

  • Drive pace of integration by defining and managing weekly meetings with functional team leads and integration management office (IMO)
  • Collect, consolidate and publish weekly status updates
  • Manage creation of Day 1, Day 100, and Year 1 plans from functional teams
  • Set up and manage cross functional dependencies

Value Capture

  • Create combined spend and revenue baselines
  • Manage creation of value capture initiatives to achieve targets
  • Set up and implement tracking and reporting process for value capture synergies
  • Manage a formal stage-gating process, key synergy metrics, and KPI reporting for value capture


Why Wave for Merger Management 

Manage a complete hierarchy of initiatives, from milestones to sub-milestones to tasks to sub-tasks, that is customized to your needs

Create and visualize any initiative’s dependencies to identify potential bottlenecks, communicate between companies about needs and see how changes to the plan will affect delivery

Cross assignments
Create tasks for other teams and triage incoming and outgoing requests; you can assign owners to specific initiatives, set deadlines and manage their status from a single dashboard

Impact tracking
Monitor value creation by tracking initiatives through a consistent and well-defined set of pipeline stages

Build actionable reports for your integration management office or board using Wave's library of reports to cover integration process, initiatives and milestone tracking, synergies generation and KPIs.


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