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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

View Approval Status

Each initiative card in Wave features a Timeline (or similarly named) tab where you can see your initiative's approval status at specific stages, as well as the dates and activities associated with these stages, all in a single view. You can also make updates to your initiative in this tab. 

Additionally, you can see a listing of approvers and approvals needed in List view.

Please note that field names and other terminology in the following example may be slightly different in your company's instance of Wave. 


To access this helpful view, open an initiative card and click on Timeline in the menu on the left. You will be able to see the state, stagedates, and activities for each phase of your initiative.

Approvals 1.gif

Click on the State name, for example Completed, to see a list of approvers, as well as who is notified when a stage is completed.

Approvals 2.gif


For an In progress stage, you can click on the Stage dropdown and update the stage gate directly, either moving it forward or back.

Approvals 3.1.gif


Dates will automatically update as actual when a stage has been completed. You can enter forecast (sometimes called latest estimate) dates for stages that have not yet started. For some stages, you may also see an initial planned date. Please note that the logic that determines when these dates update and lock for editing is configurable, so your instance of Wave may vary from the examples here. 

Approvals 3.2.gif

Activity Panel

View the activity feed to see more details about actions associated with your initiative.

Approvals 4.gif

Share Your Timeline

Similar to a workbook, you can click on the share icon and generate a URL for the timeline view of your initiative card that can be shared with your colleagues.

Approval status send link.gif


List View

Depending on your configuration of Wave, you may be able to filter your view to see pending approvals and approvers while in List view. Simply click on Filter by initiative > Pending approvers.

Please note that your configuration may not look exactly like the example below.


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