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Approve or Reject an Initiative

You can easily approve or reject an initiative by following these steps.

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Once you find and open the initiative that you need to approve, first review the information in the card. Your program may have approval checklists as a reference to help identify which fields to review. These fields will depend on the stage that the initiative is being submitted into.

2. After reviewing the information entered in the initiative, you can click either Approve or Reject at the bottom of the card.


3. A pop-up box confirmation box will appear. Provide reasons from approval or rejection, then click the Yes button. 

Note: Depending your company's configuration of Wave, commentary may be required to approve or reject an initiative.  Most commonly, comments are recommended for approvals and are required for rejections. 

Any commentary provided to an Approval or Rejection will go to the Initiative Owner via an e-mail notification and will appear in the initiative's Activity panel as shown below.



Have more questions about approvals in Wave? Check out our Approval FAQ Guide
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