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Using Attachments

Initiative owners may wish to add attachments to initiatives, such as a business case document. Attachments can be added at any time and supported file formats include Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and video. You can also easily download or edit the attachments associated with an initiative. Multiple attachments may be added to an initiative, but there is no bulk upload capability. 

Please note that your company's configuration of Wave may vary slightly from the examples shown below.

Add Attachments

1. While in an open initiative card, click on the Attachments tab on the left-hand side.Then, click on + ADD ATTACHMENT.

Add attachment step 1.gif


2. Enter the attachment name, then select the Type. Click the Create button. You should see a green bar across the top of the card, confirming a new attachment card has been successfully created. 

Add attachment step 2.1.gif


3. Once you have clicked the Create button, you can now upload your attachment. Click on Attachment and select the file you want to attach. Once the file has completed uploading, the attachment will save to your initiative. You can repeat this process for as many documents as you have, but only one document may be attached at a time. 

Add attachment step 3.gif


Download and View Attachments

In order to view files attached to your initiatives, you will have to open the attachment card and download the document. Left-click on the Attachment and select Download from the dropdown. Your file will then download so that you can open and view it.

Download attachment.gif


Edit or Delete Attachments

Similar to downloading, you can replace or delete documents by left-clicking on the Attachment.

  • Select Replace from the dropdown and choose the document to upload from your files
  • Select Delete to remove an attachment file; the Attachment field will read <not set> once it has been removed

Edit or delete attachment.gif

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