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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Create Card Dependencies

Create dependencies by connecting follower and predecessor cards to initiatives as a way to organize your workflow. Please note that your company's instance of Wave may vary from the examples below.

Step-by-step instructions

1. Open the initiative card that will have time dependencies. Select Predecessors (or Followers) and click on + ADD PREDECESSOR (or + ADD FOLLOWER).

Dependencies - Add.gif


2. In the pop-up search bar, enter the number of the initiative (or action, milestone, activity, etc.) or keyword associated with the initiative (or action, milestone, activity, etc.) you want to add as a predecessor (or follower). Select the initiative and it will be added as a predecessor (or follower).

Dependencies - Add 2.gif


3. If you have configured calculations related to your connected initiatives, click on Calculations. Your card will show information such as the number of predecessors and followers, as well as calculated indirect recurring benefits, slack and risk.

Dep Calc.gif


Slack Calculations

Slack is the number of days between a predecessor's end date and a dependency's start date. Ideally, slack is positive, meaning there is time between the end of the predecessor and the start of the dependency. Slack can be negative, however, indicating that one or more of the predecessors in the path finished too late for the dependent card to start on time.

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