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Clone Initiatives

Depending on your Wave configuration, initiative and milestone (or other dependent) cards may be cloned, with certain attributes carrying over to the new initiative. Some instances of Wave may even have template cards that can make creating new initiatives easier and faster. In most configurations, title, description, impact structure, and milestones will be copied. 

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Start by opening the card you want to copy and click on the clone card icon from the icon bar at the top of the card as indicated below.



2. A confirmation message will appear noting the number of cards that will be cloned. In the example below, five cards will be cloned: the initiative and four milestones. You can review, make changes, and complete any required fields as designated by Wave in all the cards being cloned by clicking on the arrows.

Please note that each company's configuration is different and the exact fields and cards that will be cloned will be unique to your instance of Wave. Contact your Wave Supers User if you have any questions.

Clone card 1.gif


3. Once you have a confirmed all the cards to be cloned and any required fields are completed, click CONFIRM. In the example here, one initiative card and four milestones were successfully cloned.

Clone card 2.gif


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