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Cancel or Delete an Initiative

There are times when you may not want to keep an initiative. Maybe you created one in error or your program has changed and the initiative is no longer needed. This can be achieved either by cancelling (recommended) or, if you have the permissions, deleting the initiative.

Cancel an Initiative

A recommended best practice for removing an unwanted initiative is to cancel the initiative. In addition to serving as a safeguard against accidental deletion, cancelling the initiative keeps a record that can be referenced in the future if the need arises. Should you decide to un-cancel the initiative at a later date, it will resume its latest stage gate.

Cancelling an initiative is as simple as updating the Weekly status to Cancelled, either on the Overview tab of your initiative or on the Weekly status tab, as shown in the example below.

Cancel an initiative.gif


Depending on your configuration, you will see a pop-up box asking if you would like to automatically update the status of your initiative's milestones (or actions, activities, etc.). You can choose to automatically update or not.

Please note that depending on your configuration, if you un-cancel your initiative, the related milestones may need to be updated manually. 



Delete an Initiative

Depending on your configuration of Wave, you may have permission to permanently delete an initiative if you truly have no need for it now or in the future.

You can do this by clicking on the delete icon Delete.png in the upper right of the initiative card. You will only see this icon if you have permission to delete initiatives.



When you click on the delete icon, a pop-up will appear to confirm deletion and indicate how many sub cards (if any) will be lost if you continue. 


Did you delete an initiative by accident? Please reach out to Wave Support.
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