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Enter Planned Values

During the L0 to L2 stages, you will enter planned values for your impacts. To do so, follow these easy steps. 

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Once you have created new impact lines, you will notice that there is a new field available in the Annualised column. This is where you enter the annualized value (also sometimes called "Run Rate") for your impact. This value is typically required for submission to the L1 approval stage.

Note: This only applies if your transformation is using annualized impacts. If your program does not, please skip ahead to step 2. 

Note: Make sure to take note of the unit scale when entering your values. For example, you may need to enter numbers in millions ($M). In other configurations, you may be required to enter in thousands ($000's) or single dollars ($'s).


2. Once your initiative reaches the L1 stage, you will then see many new columns appear to the right of the Annualised column. These fields are where you can enter the monthly impact values.



3. You can choose whether you would like your monthly impacts to be added manually (i.e. one month at a time) or by auto-fill, where a single entry is copied across the remaining months. Simply select the Metric and click the appropriate button.

4. Should you wish to enter impacts manually or make navigation of the entered impacts easier on a smaller screen, you can pin columns by selecting the header of the column to the left of the content you wish to still scroll.

By default, the ID column is pinned. You will see a dark blue line the length of the column, and a thumb tack icon Pushpin.PNG  next to the header indicates the columns to the left are pinned. For example, if you want to keep the Metric column visible as you manually enter impacts, you can pin that column by clicking on the header, as shown below.

Note: If you cannot see monthly impacts or can only see the first month of impact, pin any attribute column. This will make the monthly impacts visible.

Pin column.gif


Read on to learn about entering actual and forecast values when your initiative reaches the L3 stage.

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