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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Introducing an upgraded Guidance experience

New tooltips built on feedback from users like you!


Wave's new tooltips are helpful in guiding users on what they are viewing and what they need to do. Some of the benefits include:
  • Improve data quality by providing users with more details on each field and what is required
  • Add in links to other resources to provide further guidance, e.g. gold standard business case examples
  • Configuration options allow you to choose to display Guidance instantly when hovering over a field or after a delay

Read more about how navigate and manage the tooltip functionality.

This upgrade will be rolled out automatically. To update the content of your Wave instance's tooltips, please contact your Wave Account Manager

In the coming months, we will be...
  • Extending this update to navigational tooltips to help users more easily learn how to use Wave
  • Adding support for measure tooltips to provide more descriptive information on what is being charted


In case you missed it

New dashboards to support your program

Dashboards computer.gif

Keep your program on track with pre-built dashboard
  • Data Hygiene to identify initiatives with data risks of critical issues that need to be addressed
  • Actuals Tracking to provide an overview of which impacts are missing actuals or flagged for review
  • Target Variance to pinpoint the sources of variation between the target and the latest estimated impacts



New self-serve configuration capabilities

Designer computer.gif

Take ownership of dashboards end-to-end

Config Designer gives Wave Super Users the autonomy to make certain changes to the configuration on their own


To learn more about any of the above updates, please contact your Wave Account Manager



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