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Remote Access via One Time Link

You can access Wave easily and securely if you are working remotely using One Time Link (OTL), a second factor authentication mechanism. If you have not logged into Wave for the first time yet, please read this article on the process first. 

The frequency with which you would need to log in using OTL is determined by your company, but the default is once per day. This could be more if you change browsers, if you work in incognito or InPrivate browsing mode, or if you are not accessing Wave from an authorized location. 

Using OTL

When you log into Wave from outside your company's network, you will see a notification similar to the one below.

OTL Notification.png

You will then receive an email from Wave with your OTL. Click on the link to continue your login process and access Wave.



Common OTL Errors

When logging in with OTL, it is possible to get an error message. Below are two of the most common.

Expired Link

OTL is valid for two hours. You will need to request a new link if you receive this message.


Used Link

OTL can only be used once. The below message will appear if you already used the link, or if you have already used a more recent link. You will need to request a new link if you receive this message.


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