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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Technical Prerequisites

Please review the below prerequisites for using Wave:

  • Wave is optimized for Google Chrome and supports Chromium-based Edge. The supported versions are the current Chrome release (called stable channel) and the last two releases. Enabling browser auto-updates will ensure users have the latest browser and security patches installed.   

  • Internet Explorer 11 is supported, but users may experience less optimal performance due to IE11 technical limitations. Firefox and Safari are not supported in Wave.

  • Recommended network bandwidth is 200-500 kbits/s download speed per concurrent user

  • Recommended internet connection is 2 Mbits/s

  • Recommended PC characteristics are Intel I5/17 CPU, GPU Support, minimum 4GB RAM, 1280x768 resolution or higher

Contact your local IT support for help or clarification with any of the above pre-requisites or recommendations. Please note that these apply to computers and tablets.

If you encounter any Wave technical issues, please submit a Wave Support form.