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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

What is Wave?

Wave combines a proven program management platform with expert services that ensures companies execute large-scale transformation programs that deliver maximum impact, plus benchmark progress against peers. Our web-based platform is used to manage and track a broad portfolio of initiatives, handle distributed participants, and accommodate frequent reporting needs. Wave has helped numerous organizations implement transitions and overcome complex challenges across teams, sites and markets. 

Watch a short overview video or read on to learn more.


Why Wave is being used at your company

  • One source of truth - No more version control issues and arguing over who has the latest numbers. This creates transparency at all levels of the organization and makes it easier for multiple teams to work together.

  • Impact tracking - Track impact, not just activity, so that leaders can see what has been done and what value has been delivered.

  • McKinsey expertise - Take advantage of McKinsey’s vast experience in driving large-scale change and transformation programs. Wave can be preloaded with default configurations, pre-built initiatives, and templates for specific verticals (e.g. post-merger programs).


How Wave works

  • Plan - Link top-down goals with the bottom-up contributions of each and every initiative. Set clear KPIs, roles, and responsibilities

  • Track - See progress across all workstreams and track actual impact and forecast future delivery

  • Report - Aggregate information across thousands of initiatives and report on what matters most to your business

  • Act - Access information and gain insights on what needs to be solved


What Wave users are saying

Initiative and Project Owners

  • "Wave helps me save time.  The online updates focus meetings and reduce preparation time" 

  • "The pre-built risk flagging and escalation resolution allows me to get senior leaders within my organization to help me with implementation."

  • "Wave makes it easy to work in real time with colleagues around the world." 

Workstream Leads

  • "The online data within Wave with a fully auditable edit path makes my data better" 

  • "Wave makes reporting easier for me. I especially like how standardized metrics let me report across departments and help me reduce time gathering data"  

Executive Sponsors

  • "With very little training, I am able to easily access Wave to monitor real time progress related to my program and drill down to any initiative" 

  • "I really appreciated how we were able to set up Wave for my organization. In just four weeks, we were already reducing the administrative burden spent generating reports, which means we had more time to focus on the impact our program was having"  

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