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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

All of the great improvements from the last quarter of 2019!

The latest Wave updates include new ways to use your List View, a Wave Mobile option, and a Notes View, plus so much more!



Do it in 2 clicks with the latest enhancements in List View



Group the content in your list directly in the view or remove a column you do not need

Automatically access the relevant Control Panel when you choose search or filter option

Open the List View column picker when you choose Add/reorder columns


Untether from your desktop with Wave Mobile


Review and approve initiatives from your smart phone to keep the momentum going

Customize additional lists to keep track of the transformation (e.g., initiatives flagged for Leadership attention, my milestones due soon)

Note: To enable Wave Mobile, or to learn more, reach out to your Wave Account Manager


Take note and streamline your way of working with the new flexible Notes View



List the agenda and capture meeting notes inside Wave without opening a separate application

Provide instructions to other Wave user on how to use a workbook you are sharing with them

Select which tabs to share with the new popup dialog to remove tabs unnecessary for the intended recipients


Other recent updates include:

Search in User Management to quickly filter for a user or users assigned to specific groups

Use the enhanced text styling to highlight important information

Customize column selection and ordering with the updated List View column picker



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